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Man Who Went and Bought 3 Engagement Ring For His Wife See What Happen To Ring Number 4

Man who went and bought 3 Engagement Ring for his wife See What happen to Ring Number 4

She sold 2 engagement rings & now she’s wearing a third one. Mike went and bought ring number 4 what a wow

She must be ready to sell the third ring also because she’s not getting married anytime soon.Ntswaki's engagement ring is the 3rd one Mike has some other rings hidden

Ntswaki will still wait.. Mike knows how to keep her in the freezer... Its been 13 years

Ntswaki and BraMike are such a lovely couple bantu basekhaya. They are both witty and funny. I truly enjoyed both with Moshe spicing things up.

Sometimes patience pays off. Mike had a reason why it took this long cause she still legally married, but he still went on with his suprise. She ruined the surprise, women ruin everything

Hewe we thought they think we're Popays. This Man had no intention of marrying lengane. Only reason he pulled this " Surprise Sh!t " is because Moshe ambushed him with the bride.I love the surprise that Bra Mike pulled on the lady

Thank you Mike for saving the foreign brothers.We were never gonna hear the end of it.This is so sweet oh my my Bra Mike is the man of the match! lmaoo this lady must do the things with the Abstentia and live her best life

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