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Mariam Nabatanzi: The woman who gave birth to 44 children before reaching 40 years old.

We Africans are known for bearing too many children although in modern day, the numbers have reduced drastically well. For the whites, the numbers are much lower for around two or three children per couple.

An African woman known as Mariam Nabatanzi from Uganda has been dubbed the most fertile woman in the country. In an interview with review personalities, Mariam Nabatanzi revealed that she gave birth to forty four children and all the kids were born before she clocked forty years old. Mrs Mariam Nabatanzi, who resides in Kabimbiri in Uganda made headlines due to her fertility.

According to Oditty central, of the 44 children are six units of twins, 3 sets of quadruplets, four units of triplets and two single births. Out of those 44 children she begot, only 38 currently lives with her. Others died during or after birth.

We would all think that feeding and grooming would be hell for the woman but no matter the huge family she has, Mrs Mariam Nabatanzi knows how to provide for all of them. Mrs Mariam married at 12, after allegedly escaping death from her stepmother.

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