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'See The Rapper Who Implanted Gold Chains Into His Head

A Mexican rapper referred to as Dan Sur has grow to be very famous recently, now no longer because of his music, however due to his excessive real extrade which concerned supplanting his regular hair with metallic gold chains which might be embedded into his head.

With the net turning into a domestic to faux people, it' s hard to get visible besides in case you accomplish some thing outrageous. Face tattoos, treasured stone studded Grillz, kaleidoscopic hair, it' s been achieved previously, so attention searchers sincerely want to get imaginative. Dan Sur, a younger from Mexico, seems to have idea of 1 as such innovative, but the surprising, method to status other than the group- supplanting his regular locks with gold chains purportedly embedded into his skull.

" I actually have it as a snare this is embedded in my thoughts and that snare has snares and they're absolutely snared in my skull, below my skin, Dan Sur stated in every other video.

Dan Sur has been carrying the one- of- a- type appearance because April while he supposedly went thru the outrageous method. It' ll be fascinating to understand the way it holds up, especially because the chains are purportedly made from gold and a few likewise encompass precious stones, as sure people can be enticed to really yank them out of the rapper' s head.

Even aleven though Dan Sur surely stood out he turned into wanting, in keeping with a well- being standpoint his choice might not be the maximum propelled one. As in keeping with specialists, the technique, if genuine, conveys a excessive gamble of disease, in addition to long- lasting scarring or scalp irritation.

" Inserts like this are undependable, " plastic professional Dr. Honest Agullo cautioned. " They gift a easy manner for microscopic organisms among the relaxation of the arena and the internal body. For this situation, the bone covers the thoughts. Moreover, I am concerned approximately how a whole lot weight those snares are supporting. The weight or any unintended pull on a band of gold ought to make the embed unstick or even crack the skull. "

Dermatologist Dr. Mona Gohara likewise stated that the technique ought to make extraordinarily long lasting going bald because of follicle damage and exhorted people now no longer to replicate Dan Sur, and really mesh some gold strands into their hair assuming this is the type of appearance they sincerely care approximately.

SOURCE: Watch "Mexican Rapper Dan Sur Gets Gold Chains Surgically Implanted In Scalp!" on YouTube

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