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Mnakwethu HEA: KaMazibuko deals with Qondanisa thoroughly, he's not her baby daddy

Mnakwethu HEA: KaMazibuko deals with Qondanisa thoroughly, he's not her baby daddy

While you're here, please follow me.

Like I said in a previous article, the happily ever after in Mnakwethu is silent. There's no happily ever after for any of the man who thought they could manage a home with more than one woman. If anything, the women are driving them crazy.

Qondanisa is going through the pits. Just last week, he almost got into a scuffle with Diaz. Diaz is Samantha's house mate who's also her bestie. So much of a bestie that he's a cousin to the man who Samantha has been having an affair with.

Last week, the scuffle was about Diaz sleeping with Samantha but it seems like KaMazibuko found warmth in his cousin instead and Qondanisa was barking up the wrong tree.

I'm petty so of course I'm for Samantha getting pregnant for another man. The cherry on top is that the man who paid lobola for her is going crazy and wishes the world would swallow him whole.

Last week, he mentioned that he wanted to beat up Diaz because it doesn't make sense that someone else parades in his territory. So, his second wife possibly being pregnant to another man reminds him that there's actually a man who is reaping off his hard work.

KaMazibuko has shown Qondanisa that poly-relationships are valid for both sexes. While he thought that he's the only one who can get off being with 2 women, she did one better and got pregnant for someone else.

This means that she was not even practicing safe s.e.x with the man, indicating that she was hoping to get pregnant or transmit diseases that she'd later share with Qondanisa, who would also transmit to MaMchunu.

Samantha is in a relationship with Diaz's cousin. If not, she would have avoided catching feelings or a child. So the affair isn't a fling. It's meant to develop into something solid. Good for her.


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Source: Mnakwethu Happily Ever After on DStv channel 161


March 17, 2022.

Content created and supplied by: Zondiwe_M (via Opera News )

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