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Stop living inside your head.

Stop living inside your head.You think Elaine just dropped one song & blow up? You think Tyla just released one song & blow up? They will tell you that Elaine & Tyla blew up with one project but they will never tell you the real secret.You need money,you need to learn the game.Money to invest in your music.Money to pay for quality sound.Money to promote your music.Music is business.You need capital to start a business.Elaine didn't just blow she spent a lot of money for her first project,listen to the quality & the EP was promoted.Same as Tyla's first single.A lot of up coming artists got hits but they're not blowing up because their song is not getting promotions.You need to start saving money,invest in your music career & pay promoters,producers & people who will help exposing your songs.A hit song is promoted dawg.Start investing in your music career or quit music.

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