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Somizi Made Some Affectionate Comments About Plus-Size Women, Is He Back To His Senses?

Could it be that Somizi is transforming from gay to straight, after making stunning comments about women's shapes and sizes?

Somizi was heard on social media talking about him being sober for nine days, as he is cutting out on alcohol. He described what he saw as beautiful, curvy, and bootylious and after seeing all that all is well with him. Sometimes when people get drunk they do not see properly is it the situation with Mhlongo, or was he hurt so much by his marriage that he wants to change to another gender, time will tell. He was making comments on his Instagram page telling his thoughts on how gorgeous women sexy is becoming popular and women should be proud of it.

He said these plus-size women are making headlines on social media especially TikTok, regardless of being criticized they still own the social platforms. He went to say by putting their heads high these women might be serving little chubby girls who are being criticized at school or bullied for their big shape. Big ladies have been facing challenges on many talks and because of this they find it hard to accept their bodies, but with the help of society body shaming them, women do not care anymore.

Some plus-size women went all out to thank the media personality icon for giving them confidence. The woman said she has always been big even when she was in high school and she heard hard times accepting her heavyweight. Many think these plus-size women are unhealthy and they do not do anything about their weight. Instead of telling these plus-size women hurting words, telling them that they look good and they are beautiful and encourage them to look after themselves will serve many suicide attempts.

Big women sometimes are despites by their spouses in that they are compared to the slimmer ones who are like that naturally. By doing so these women lose self-esteem and find it hard to mingle with others as a result of the body. These bodies vary from person to person, some women gain weight as a result of stress and well some because of eating junk food, and some were born with big bones they are naturally big. By embracing these figure-filled bodies and taking the weight up enjoying life without a worry could help and end the bullying.

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