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MANDZ: Konka gave us a good Queen treatment and I am happy


They went to Konka, which is a huge destination for finding yourself from Soweto. More people are loving the venue, and they keep on going to the place each weekend. Mandz and her company had a great gesture after hanging out at the place.


They were also filming a video, for which people have been asking when they would be able to see the finish product, and she assured them that they would be able to see it once it is completed. At the moment, they have to wait for it to be finished before they can see what they have been planning.


Even the podcast Chill with MacG had their episode shot at Konka when they were interviewing Natasha Tahane. The final cut was beautiful, and there is no doubt that Mandz will also produce a beautiful visual for her people. They are waiting for it.

Konka is a massive place, and it would treat its people well if it did not, and they would lose a lot of support if it did not. Surely, Mandz is a good place to recommend to others, and then come back to the venue for more joyful moments.



1. Felicity: Where is the video?

2. Current Affairs: The way you blow up, I will be there. Front row with a poster and screaming for your name. 

3. Gugz: I really like your top. 

4. Lihle: Who is that guy of yours? 

5. Lidia: You are looking beautiful and I can't wait for the content. 

6. Andile: I am waiting for the video with bated breath.


She is not just happy about the treatment they received, but she calls it "Queen treatment." Which means they really know how to take care of the people inside the place. For another thing, it is well-known that it takes a high-balling lifestyle for you to be part of the lit moments. Well done for the good job that her followers are waiting positively.

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