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A Lady Become A Laughing Stock After Mzansi Spotted This In Her Background Picture

A Lady Become A Laughing Stock After Mzansi Spotted This In Her Background Picture

she said "SIYAYA e Los Angeles, Ngenkani!!!!"

A girl just got embarrassed after she was caught lying about her current location in social media. A social media influencer by the name of @hey_s.hawty got fans stunned after she too it to her Instagram page an posted a picture where she claimed thay sje us in Los Angeles. The lady look so beautiful that man started to drop off their jaws with the beautiful body.

The lady was standing in a beautiful view. While she said she is in Los Angeles many of her fans and friends wished to be like her. She was standing in flat on top filled with glasses. Her dressing code matched the them. But sadly enough mzansi spotted something while she think no one will saw it. Mzansi could not help but to spot something smallest details that many cou not have seen.

Mzansi got the lady embarrassed after they spotted something that end up exposing her. The view was beautiful and the lady also looked beautiful but the location she wrote on her picture does not correspond her location. Looking at the picture mzansi immediately saw a taxi which looks exactly like our local taxi. Now we wondering if she is in "Los Angeles" as she claim.

This happen many times to many of our young ladies who love fancy and want to live a good lifestyle. You sometimes find that a you happen to get hooked with rich man or your invited for some certain rich party and you like the view. You will be attracted that you even have to lie about your location just to get more followers. 

Sometimes saying that you are at certain location it need skills people get bucks so easy with just one sport. To do so people need to make sure that whatever they are posting will not comeback to bites back. People need to know that they should not do what this lady did. The lady got herself embarrassed. She

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