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Did Makhadzi steal the Ganama dance?

It seems like whenever Makhadzi's life seems to want to blow up or she about to celebrate, there is always a conflict that arises. We first saw this with her former manager and another bomb that exploded when king Monada replaced her with another artist in a song they both wrote together.

But now that the 'Ganama' fight is over, Makhadzi has finally released a song with Prince Banza a its working out just fine, but however a Tik Toker by the name Hope came up with the 'Ganama Dance challange' way before Makhadzi could shoot a music video.

Of which Makhadzi ended up using Hope's dance ,moves in her music video without talking to her. Now the conflict is that, Tik Tok feels that Makhadzi should pay up her potion, for using her dance as others feel that even a shout out would have been better.

My question to you loyal reader is that do you think that Makhadzi should pay Hope?, the one who came up with Ganama dance in her music video?. Share your opinions with me down in the comments section down below, don't forget to like share and follow fore more Galaxy8 news

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