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Generations: will Tamryn survive [OPINION]

Tamryn is known as a biker on the show . She's a person who loves bikes . She was on a bike with Rosey who is her friend and it was going so fast that she lost control of it and couldn't stop .they got into an accident but Rosey could not walk anymore she is paralyzed.

She started blaming her self for Roseys paralazation and she took responsibility, she started taking care of her financially. She was so desparate that she wanted to give up her own kidney for a million , so she can use that money to take care of Rosey .

As days passed , she didn't want to continue with giving away her kidney , but the people were so desparate, they wanted to make quick cash . She was kidnapped and surgery was made without her consent .

The doctor got greedy and did not let her go after the surgery . He wanted to make more money out of her and he continued until she couldnt suvive it. We don't know yet if she will survive or leave the show .

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