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Sophies Ndaba’s Son In Hot Waters For Running His Mouth

Sophies Ndaba’s Son In Hot Waters For Running His Mouth

Date: 2021/09/20


Sophie Lichaba’s son Lwande is in hot waters for dissing his stepfather in a rap song that almost trended on Twitter. This show that there is trouble in paradise, this guy wants R500 000 from a child for defamation of character because he penned a rap song now he is trouble for running his mouth, so he is going to have to pay for everything he said in a rap, unfortunately, he will have to be a man about what he said in a song to his dad, times will be hard for sure for the family.

Max is a tycoon businessman who knows how to use the law to his advantage, if people do him wrong he will fight until the right thing is done to him, it is hard to be a man in these conditions where you provide for someone, but in they just want more from you week in and week out you end up not being able.

The son said the guy was abusive towards his mother in a song, so now it is going to be a whole big issue that has to go through court but when it started it was a wonderful thing that had a lot of love in between.

The bigger issue in all of these things is that Sophie is one that tried to make the relationship of his son and ex-husband work, but it did not because egos collide most of the time when things are done to people who are just trying to make their situations better, and move forward when things do not work in their favor or for the better.

Sophie is one of the greatest of her generation, she knew how to act but she lost a lot of weight when she was married.


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