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(OPINION) Love or Stupidity? DJ Maphorisa Vs JazziQ Who Will Date Generations Actress Thuli Phongolo

(OPINION) Love or Stupidity? DJ Maphorisa Vs JazziQ; Who Will Date Generations Actress Thuli Phongolo

If it's not Thuli Phongolo and Dj Maphorisa trending it's JazziQ spotted in a dinner party with Generations actress Thuli Phongolo. According to the source Dj Maphorisa has send strong warning to JazziQ who is said to be dating Thuli Phongolo. Dj Maphorisa and Thuli Phongolo has been trending on the last weeks after the rumours of the dating each other.

There has been another rumor about Thuli Phongolo circulating in social media dating JazziQ and now it seems like DJ Maphorisa and JazziQ are now in a battle fighting 8ver Thuli Phongolo. For those who could have forgotten about Thulu would remember her in Generations. The South African actress and young Dj find herself Trending, she has been caught inside love triangle between Dj Maphorisa and JazziQ. 

According to the source this is the warning sent by Dj Maphorisa:

‘Some boys lacking respect but will deal with them nice n slowly’ – DJ Maphorisa Warns JazziQ over Thuli Phongolo. 

According to the source it is said that JazziQ has been spotted with media personality Thuli Phongolo for several occasions at Riky Rick’s dinner party. According to the source the two has them decided to pair and started sating same time.

It seems like people are tired of Thuki being single and they want her to date. We now ask ourselves who would it be...would it be Dj Maphorisa or JazziQ. Thuli is off the league amd she has made it clear that sje not dating and she's not ready to start any time soon..she has warned people to stop spreading rumours about her dating JazziQ. She did admit that she was spotted with JazziQ but it does not mean she's dating him now. Sje continues saying that she enjoyed being single and she will continue to be single. 

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