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Anele Mdoda accuses Lasizwe of stealing her hairstyle.

People who suffer from self esteem love to brkng their insecurities to other people and with the whole Kelly Rowland drama. Anele seems to be the person who loves commenting on people's look. Not so long ago Anele has been trending and shamed for saying Kelly Rowland isn't beautiful in her opinion . She was bullied on twitter for her troll behaviour and seems like she didn't learn.

She came for Lasizwe but Lasizwe has clapped back so hard that Anele has been missing action with responses. She should learn not to pose with her opinion on peoples look. Lasizwe is known for rocking different hairstyles that looks bomb on him. His fans are forever telling ladies to take notes from. Lasizwe's look. He wears beautiful wigs and are quite expensive.

The only thing about Lasizwe is he knows fashion and when he baths, he make sure. Well seems like this specific look, he himself take notes elsewhere, but not where Anele thought he did.

Aftet Lasizwe posted a snap of himself in a bobcut. Anele came for him and asked who stole the hairstyle for who." Babe who stole the hairstyle between me and you " she tweeted. Users came back and said to Anele Lasizwe looked better in that hairstyle. Lasizwe also came back and said " at this point I dont mid being my sister and us rocking the same hairstyles since my sister went back to Dubai.

He was actually saying Anele Is the one who stole the hairstyle from Kanyi. Khanyi at her first round to Dubai she was rocking a blonde wig Bob cut . She was on fire on if and we cannot blame Anele for not taking notes. They all beautiful in it the violence is but necessary. Anele likes trolling people on Twitter, what could be the reason.

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