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"Amanda Du Pont Is A Fraud"- Slik Talk "No one Believes you"

Not very far in the past, previous Uyajola 9/9 TV have Jub shook the web when he was uncovered for having supposedly assaulted Amanda Du Pont for the two years they were together. Not just that, witnesses have approached to confirm her side of the story and presently Mzansi has been energizing behind Amanda requesting that equity be served.

The uncover has now seen numerous across online media favor one side on whether or not Amanda was coming clean and others requesting that Jub be allowed an opportunity to give his side of the story. In any case, since that is yet to occur, podcaster Slik Talk has concluded that he is coming for Amanda with all that he has.

Taking to his Youtube, Slik Talk went out of control and in case there is anything we have assembled such a long way from his scene, it's that Slik Talk is will everlastingly be on Jub's side.

"... All that she said in that video is totally bogus. I don't completely accept that word she is saying. Amanda Du "Misrepresentation" we don't trust you, you really want more individuals."

That is not all he said nonetheless. Slik's talk went on to consider Amanda a clout chaser who will do anything for consideration. "You have a fixation on influential men. Jub Jub is fruitful now and you need to clout pursue on this present man's name… "

As per Slik Talk, Amanda possibly announced the occurrence when she understood that Jub is currently more unmistakable than he was at the point at which they were still attached and that she simply needs to destroy his vocation. Quick version, "Amanda is a finished misrepresentation."

Taking to Twitter it appears now drop culture is coming for Slik talk straightaway. Many are finding his tacky remarks on Amanda inappropriate and off the mark. Indeed, he is on Jub's side, however, he ought not to have hauled Amanda's name the manner in which he did.

Many areas are yet in wonderment of how Slik Talk could be so free-lipped with regards to the entire circumstance. Doesn't he fear being sued? What does Slik Talk dread in any case? Is it true that he is consistently the one Provoking each and every other day?

Offensive or not, it appears others are in concurrence with Slik Talk, saying that Amanda's admission was dubious and that it is absolutely impossible that they had been seeing someone two years in a row and she didn't try to say a thing.

What is your take?


"Amanda Du Pont Is A Fraud"- Slik Talk - ZAlebs

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