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Isencane Lengane | Siyacela purchases a new car

Moja love seems to be paying well as star of Isencane Lengane shows off new vehicle purchase. His older brother shared this special moment on social media captioning “My Brother just bought a new car, Congratulations Dlamuka”.


Things look to be going well for Moja Love star Siyacela Dlamuka after the success of his and his wife show “Isencane lengane”. Week in week out viewers tune in to witness the lives of two young children who got married at a young age and try to tackle married life together. The show depicts the struggle that they living under and the way they tackle everyday life. In the show, viewers are shocked to see the state the couple lives under after allegedly Thando’s father-in-law goes weeks without buying them groceries, and the house they live under is in undesirable conditions. One tweep had this to say “ I just hope Moja Love has a separate account set up for Thando, so she can pursue her education. I have no faith in this man.”

Siyacela is seen in previous episodes taking Thando’s card and driving to Durban to go have some fun. He is spotted with another woman which sparks social media outrage after Thando has stuck by him through and through. In that particular episode, Thando is left heartbroken with countless smses of her husband spending her money on another girl. What got people intrigued by him purchasing the car, was the fact that the current living situation is not ideal and neither of them have a job.

Many people believe that he should have used the money wisely in order to better their living conditions. One thing we know about Siyacela is that he only thinks for himself. The sad part is that Thando will be the one left suffering as he continues his splurging.

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