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A shocker | Look what AmaZulu King was using to cut a cake on his birthday.

The AmaZulu King who was declared sick and failing to address his tribe on heritage day, was seen doing the unthinkable on his birthday. King Misuzulu, the son of the late King Zwelithini, celebrated his birthday on the 23rd of September, just a day before the heritage day. He had a splendid day, by the look of things. Birthdays are special these days, because life's too short. The King is ill and it is not yet known about the severity of the disease. He chose not to make himself available on heritage day, and put his health a priority. According to reports the King was born on the 23rd of 1974, and he was turning 47 years. This is a great age for someone of his caliber to rule a monarchy. People wish that he can recover from his illness, as they need him on his throne. See the source imageNormally people use kitchen knives to cut birthday cakes. It is a social norm that most of us have adapted. However, what the King has done is difficult to explain. Firstly, it is rare in South Africa to see a King celebrating a birthday publicly. People are not used to this, as they anticipate a King to be more cultural and traditional. The King of AmaZulu is deviating away from culture and shows off his pictures celebrating his birthday in style on social media. 

The King was utilizing a very long sharp knife to cut his cake on his special day. The reason behind using this deadly menacing object is not known. Cakes are soft and fragile, hence the majority of people use knives that are not sharp with blades. It could have been a symbol of a ruler of a monarchy, and wanted to look different on how he conducted things. People have been stunt to the core and seeking answers. See the source image


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