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Remember King Zwelithini Last Wife Who Got Married At 17:See what Happened to her/Opinion

King Zwelithini passed away early this year leaving behind 6 wives and 23 children .From those 6 wives another one passed on just after a month, His third wife Queen Mantofombi .His youngest wife Queen Zola Mafu Got married to him when she was just 17 years old .

She was taken from Swaziland when she was picked during a reed dance and went on to marry King Zwelithini .She didnt even finish her matric and was made to marry King Zwelithini. Just after a year she gave birth to their first son.

Now that King Zwelithini is not more .Most people were saying Queen Zola Mafu should be allowed to remarry since she is still young .She cant spent the rest of her life as a widow while she is still so young .She still has a chance to find a man that will love her and her son and she can live happily ever after .

However Zola Mafu is said be still living in the royal house until now .I think she is afraid that should she leave and remarry she will be cut out from the inheritance of King Zwelithini which all the 5 remaining wives and children are suppose to share.Last time there was some inheritance battles as the first wife wanted 50% of Zwelithini Estate .

We hope that once she gets her inheritance she would think about moving on and building a life of her own again because its not too late for her .

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