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The Crying Head Sticker Boy Has Been Found: He Explains Why He Was Crying

The Meme Boy has been found

The name of the boy who has been trending as a Meme on social media is Oladee. From Ilorin in Nigeria. 

He explains why he was crying that day, and he says he was crying because of a game they were playing. He lost while gambling, and the money he was gambling with belonged to his Grandmother.

It happened 11 years ago, back in 2009.

And he says that at that time, times were hard. And putting food on the table was difficult. He was still living in the village with his Grandmother.

One day, his granny gave him 200 Naira to buy garri(Cassava Powder) for the day but instead he decided that he wants to double the money by gambling.

Then for him to double the money, he ended up losing all of it. So he cried hoping that the boys he was playing with will feel pity and give him his money back since he knew that there would be no food that day and even the following day.

Check out his video on Instagram explaining why he was crying on that day.

Content created and supplied by: Bevandy (via Opera News )

Cassava Powder Ilorin Meme Meme Boy Nigeria.


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