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Muvhango:Is Azwindini Still Going To Marry Gugu?

Azwindini love Gugu so much and he doesn't want to see his son with her but the question is he is still going to marry her.


It is only terrible for Gugu. It will simply require investment for her to have returned to her typical self. Everything simply startles her. She ha been however a ton. It should have not been simple for her to be placed in a psychological organization while she is intellectually fit. That has truly tortured her. It has truly upset her psychological soundness.

I surmise this happens when you engage with a womanizer. Assuming that she was never associated with Azwindini absolutely no part of this could not have possibly occurred. Being with Azwindini will just place her into more difficulty than any other time. She ought to simply leave Azwindini. She ought to simply drop her relationship with Azwindini and continue on in harmony. Or then again she will simply wind up freaking out for no good reason. She should simply return home and begin once again that way she will find harmony. She is never protected around Azwindini.

I actually don't get why she actually stay in the regal house after all that has occurred. She ought to simply return home. She has had to deal with a ton. Furthermore, they could do without her.

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