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The Sexual assault case against Dj Fresh and Dj Euphonik has been dropped again, for the second time

Topic: Turning point, to sexual assault case against Dj Fresh and Dj Euphonik.

Few months ago, the two well known South African Dj were accused of sexual assault by a certain lady. This made the pair to be fired from their work.

Previously, the case was dropped by the same woman and laiter on, she reopened it, with some celebrities supporting her.

Now it has been reported that the sexual assault case against controversial media personalities Thato “DJ Fresh” Sikwane and Themba “Euphonik” Nkosi has been withdrawn for the second time. This was reported by City press media house.

The case might be very hard to prove due to it having happened years ago but that doesn't mean the crime didn't happen.

True but now they are suing her because as much as we can't overlook the fact that the allegations could be true, we also can't rule out that they might be false.


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