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Du-pont and Masechaba to apologize within 48-hours: Mama Jackie takes matters to the law

Jub Jub never saw what was coming after him after he went on a tell-all interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG. With enthusiasm, he mentioned during the interview that he "smashed" Amanda du-Pont during the time they were in a relationship.

Soon after the airing of the interview with Jub Jub, the two women took to social media that he (Jub Jub) sexually abused them a couple of years ago.

The TV host was suspended by MojaLove following the seriousness of the allegations made against him. Amanda shared a video of herself explaining how she was raped more than once for two years by Jub Jub during the time they were in a relationship. Masechaba Khumalo also followed with the same rape allegations against him soon after Amanda.

During the allegations made by Amanda and Masechaba, Mama Jackie's (Jub Jub's mother) name was mentioned. Both women made allegations against Mama Jackie which includes unsavoury and fraudulent dealings with Oprah and practices with muti.

Du-pont and Masechaba has been issued a legal letter from BDK Attorneys, the lawyers representing Mama Jackie. The letter orders both women to remove their previous online posts mentioned Mama Jackie, retract their statements and make public apologies in the next 48-hours.

According to the attorneys, legal actions will also be taken against the parties involved in leaking audio of Mama Jackie defending his son Jub Jub.


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