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Alfred's plan to silence Alfios backfire


A straightforward arrangement that was going to occupy Alfios from being involved his business has taken a tremendous turn and this time it has impacted Makunutu youngster, after he took a container of water that has poured with tablets on it that were intended for Alfios however it has gone to some unacceptable individual.

It seems as though issues are a long way from being done for Alfred since he may wind up at the jail on the off chance that he doesn't play his card straight. All things considered, Babeile has begun with the examination of debasement in the college and he has recently found the proof that can send them to jail.

Dennis and Melita are additionally beginning to make their lives troublesome subsequent to informing the police concerning what's going on with the papers of this organization.

In any case, things will be hard for themselves and Alfios will be left with no decision in any case, to come clean to the entire individuals of Turf.


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