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London Actress falls in love with Alien

By Jessica Arendse

Sick of men on Earth, London actress Abbie Bela says that she hopes to "normalize" interspecies dating.

Abbie Bela from London, discusses her extraterrestrial encounter on her YouTube channel, where she claims that she fell in- love with an extraterrestrial being.

The actress says that to find love- and her soulmate, she looked to the skies and was swept away by a UFO when the encounter happened.

Bela says that she was bored during the Pandemic and by what Earth had to offer her in a soulmate which brought her randomly joking online to have an alien abduct her.

Soon after, she started having dreams of a white light and despite the beckoning of an unknown voice which commanded her to: "wait in the usual spot", she was aware of what it wanted.

She explains that the following evening she sat and waited next to her window until she fell asleep around 12:15 a.m, which is when a flying saucer swept into view. Before she knew it, she wasn’t in her bedroom any longer and suddenly a bright green beam transported her to the UFO.

Bela says: “I’m one of those people who all my life had weird encounters!".

She found herself inside of a flying saucer, surrounded by five aliens who were tall and slender. Bela says that she couldn’t make out their true forms or see them clearly because they telepathically told her that she was not ready to see them in their true form. However, she made out that they had a slight green hue and big black eyes with human features, including eyebrows. They also have round faces and big eyes with irises- giving a snakelike gaze, as she explained about her illustration of them in a sketch she drew.

Bela claims not to be frightened, instead she found herself lovestruck.

She boasted: “There was one who connected with me, I didn’t get his name but I felt exactly the same.” Describing the feeling as being 100 times more powerful than love.

She was saddened though that the alien told her that dating a human was taboo but he was willing to break the rules. Bela was unsure about leaving Earth for good though, because the alien explained that they needed her consent to leave with them. This decision made her leave the UFO within 20 minutes in fear of leaving Earth forever.

Bela says when she returned back to Earth she was astounded by the differences between Earthmen and aliens- who offer extra quality care whilst men on Earth only tell lies and have double standards. She also stated that some might be squeamish about alien-earthling relationships but they have yet to consider interspecies dating. She therefore hopes to pioneer in this field by ' normalizing' interplanetary love.

Despite Bela's bizarre story, many have claimed to have encounters with aliens. Recently, The National U.F.O Center reported that sightings have risen by about 1,000 in 2020, to 7,200 recorded “encounters” with extraterrestrials in 2022. Peter Davenport, the director of the UFO Reporting Centre says: "that for many years the government thought that people like me are just crazy but we’re not.” And to substantiate what he says, the Pentagon is expected to imminently release its highly anticipated U.F.O report.

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Content created and supplied by: Jessica.Arendse (via Opera News )

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