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Do you remember a sad Video of a young boy who was talking about his father not being In his life?

A video shared on twitter according to the source/link below 👇, has touched many lives out there after going viral on twitter. What happened on this video will really put you into tears as it shows a young boy who is saying his view of life without his father's presence and what he says on the video really sounds smart, and that's the main thing that cause social media to love the boy.

Below are pictures showing the comments by Facebook users telling their thoughts of the video, and this is according to the link below 👇

Indeed this video touched so many South Africans, as most relate to the story of this boy. Many children out there have no father's anymore and others grew without them at all, one thing you should know is that keep on looking forward and be strong no matter how hard it gets. If you want to watch the video, then scroll above to click on the twitter link. And after watching the video, you can comment below and tell us what you think about fathers who have ran away from their children and those who refuse to take care of their children. And also don't forget to follow this account for more fast news, daily news, live updates, funny and interesting stories happening all around the world from real sources and not fake.

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