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Musician Musa Keys crucified for dating a coloured woman

Musician Musa Keys crucified for dating a coloured woman

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Musa Keys aka Tsonga Micheal Jackson is a piano musician who lives for music and is well received by South Africans. He recently posted snaps of himself with his girlfriend captioned "let's be happy my person" and the comments went haywire!


According to the comments, there's no reason for him to be dating a coloured woman. In fact, he's only doing so because South African men hang around black women when they are struggling and jump off to another race when they have made it big. Stunningly though, he has been with her for quite some time and if he was not a big shot, people would not be fussing about his preference. For people to feel the need to police him and who he dates because it has been established that he's only with her because he dislikes black women is both distasteful and awkward.

From the comments, it also appears that it is men who are gatekeeping and keeping tabs on other men's dating preferences. This is projection because, on the end, every individual should be allowed to date who they want to date without feeling like they need to represent all other men. Musa should be allowed to date whoever he wants to date without other black men projecting their preferences on him and making him feel bad about it.

This guy posted his girl and black men jumped on the tweet to make it about black women. @tlalane

A light skinned/coloured girl was just being a girlfriend and minding her own business and people took offense. Weird. @RakgadiMmati

So sad how black men always get bashed when they date races outside their own skin colour. Kanti is it not allowed? @Hloni_Nk

Black women will slander black men all day long on this app but as soon as these black men date other races, they act up. Toxic bunch @Alpha_Mero25

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