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What A Tragedy In The Dlamini family, Rest In Peace Sibusiso And His Father Sibalikhulu

Final Episode Of Durban Gen

The soapie of Durban Gen has got many viewers and they love the soapie very much. The first episode had lot of secrets and they were exposed. Mbali got married to Sibusiso because she felt like she is entitled to him. She lost her parents and raised by his parents. They took her to school and she graduated. She was working as an intern. Mbali loves Lindelani and she is just being ignorant about her feelings. She got married not because of love but because of what Sibusiso did to her.

Mbali almost got married to Lindelani but she got sick. When she regain her conscious she forgot about Lindelani and start to avoid him. Lindelani tried to stop her from getting married to Sibusiso but he failed. Sibusiso is also not a saint he was sleeping with Precious his brothers wife. Precious wanted a child and Thabo could not give him one.

Zandile knew about the secret and she has been threatening Precious about it. At last she managed to tell Thank that Mvelo is not his child and he got angry. He was walking around the hospital with a gun and shot Calvin. He found Sibusiso and Precious in the theatre. Precious was busy with Operation and he wanted them to explain what is going on.

He shot Sibusiso and he is dead. Thank will be arrested and Mbali will fall in love with Lindelani again. Sibusiso's father passed away during surgery performed by Thabo. Lindelani told him not to perform the surgery but he did not listen. After his father died he started to drink and things got out of control. Innocent people were hurt and now he will pay for everything that he did. He knew that he is infertile but he did not know that his brother and his wife are sleeping together.


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