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Remember The Rich Beautiful Lady Who Married a Homeless Beggar? See What's Happening to Her Life now

Emmy Abrahamson was born into a wealthy and influential family in Sweden, and after graduating from high school, she relocated to England to pursue her career. Her life was wonderful, and she was already directing and overseeing the artistic direction of an entire Vienna theater company at the age of 29.

All of this has worked out well in Emmy's life, but she is lonely as a result of her job and business trip, and she has not been able to meet her ideal gentleman. Emmy was also depressed and lonely because all of her friends were already married and had children. Men, of course, have taken good care of her, but it's possible that she hasn't yet met the right one.

Emmy was already 29 when the year 2005 began, and she was expected to celebrate her birthday in less than a week, but she was never happy about it for any reason at the time. Emmy agrees to plan a mini-vacation for herself, and after a long day of work, she travels to Amsterdam to get away from her depressing thoughts. In the meantime, Emmy was sitting on a bench, waiting for her friend to show up and stay the rest of the night.

She admired transgressors and pairs, and she wished she could be like them. She was bored because she didn't share the good or bad times in her life with others, and then she shared a dream, that it would soon be her birthday, and who knows, maybe her wish would come true soon after that!

Despite the fact that he has a beard that almost covers his face, that he is filthy, and that he smells bad, the homeless man reveals himself to be a young man. At that point, she was approached by a homeless man who asked for her assistance. After getting closer, he realized that he couldn't tell what time it was because there was a large clock in front of him. Emmy looked at him with astonishment and responded almost immediately.

The man maintained his optimism despite the vast social divide that separated them, and the conversation between them continues to be interesting. Emmy didn't want to scare the guy away, but she did want to have a brief conversation with him. They began chatting Word by Word, and Emmy discovered that it was far too easy for her to communicate with him because she understood everything he said. It was strange, but she felt at ease, and the homeless man took advantage of Emmy's attractiveness by taking her picture.

Even though the conversation ended with the arrangement of yet another meeting, Emmy didn't take it seriously and assumed that the homeless man would still overlook it; however, she is successful in getting the homeless man's point of view back to herself. She discovered him unexpectedly there, and their meeting went well, and the more they saw each other, the better it went. He wanted to appear wise, but his hands and nails were still filthy from sleeping on the streets.

He grew up without any guardians, and he has a bad habit that he confessed to Emmy. He squandered his money on alcohol every time he was given a chance and was powerless to stop it, which led to him ending up on the streets. And he'd been living in the park for more than a year at that point. Vic and Emmy talked until the wee hours of the morning. Vic had a good sense of humour, and by the end of the night, Emmy had become very comfortable with him.

Emmy informed him that she was returning to Vienna and that she was unsure whether or not they would speak again. She thanked him for his time and provided him with her telephone number. In Vienna, Emmy never got around to remembering him.

Emmy caught up with Vic on the day she turned 30, and while she waited for another birthday compliment, she heard Vic's familiar voice. Emmy picked up the phone when she arrived at her residence and heard it. Her heart began to beat more rapidly as the minute passed. She was approached by a man who told her: "Hey, I saw that you had a birthday, so I wanted to personally congratulate you." And he'd like to pay her a visit, the gentleman (Vic). Vic attempted to travel two days earlier, but was detained by police after he was caught stealing a penny from a supermarket.

Since that time, Emmy and Vic have been inseparable. He moved into her home and began looking for work not long after. Vic began drinking beer in large quantities, to the point where no one will recognize him as a homeless person.

Initially, he worked as an electrician, and the couple had two children in six years, who were twins. Emmy and Vic were united in marriage. And because Vic now has to work harder as a husband and a father in the family, he starts a small maintenance business, which quickly grows into something much larger than it was before.

Since then, 15 years have passed, and the couple has been blessed with two beautiful children (Emmy and Vic). Emmy later wrote a book titled "How to fall in love with a man who lives in a forest," which was published in 2009. She sees in her neighborhood the man of her dreams, whom she refers to as "the bush." After 15 years, the two of them are still living together with their children in the same house.

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