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"I want to go back ", Woman who came back from dead reveals what afterlife is like

On America's Inside Edition TV program, Jessie Sawyer and Betty Eadie, who both "died" after undergoing hospital treatments, discussed what life after death is truly like.

Betty Eadie briefly passed away, and she has now described what it's like in the afterlife.

Two women who briefly passed away have described what it's actually like in the afterlife; one of them said it was so pleasant that she wants to return.

After undergoing surgery, Jessie Sawyer and Betty Eadie both experienced a near-death experience, and they have since expressed their perspectives on life, death, and "heaven."

One described seeing her dearest friend, who had passed away two years before, while the other claimed to have encountered Jesus Christ, God, angels, and "three incredibly ancient men," according to the Daily Star.

On America's Inside Edition TV program, they related their tales, and one of the women claimed it was so lovely she would "very gladly die tomorrow."

On Inside Edition, Jessie Sawyer spoke about her "death" experience.

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After having a hysterectomy, Betty, who is now 78, had her afterlife experience.

She uttered: "I suddenly felt that every last drop of blood had been taken from my body when I was in the recovery room, and I then got the impression that my spirit was leaving my body very quickly. I noticed my body on the bed when I looked down." Oh my God, I'm dead, I thought as I realized I had passed away."

On a TV program, Betty J. Eadie gave her perspective.

When Betty encountered three "very elderly men," they reportedly informed her that she had passed away.

She informed them of her desire to visit her family, "flew" out the window, and returned to her residence.

"My husband was sitting in the armchair while I stood next to him. I was afraid for him and my children because he didn't know that I had passed away.

Judith Eade

After having a hysterectomy, Betty Eade claims to have had an out-of-body experience. "But then I was granted a glimpse into their futures and realized they'd all lived excellent lives," she says.

Betty claimed that after leaving the tunnel and entering a pitch-black area, she returned to her hospital bed and felt "very relaxed and comfortable."

A figure met her at the end of the tunnel. She declared, "It was Jesus Christ." "It's not yet your time, he added as he gave me a hug.

Jessie Sawyer believes she understands what life in the afterlife is like. "Then three women—angels—appeared and Jesus instructed them to show her everything she needed to know. I was then escorted to the most breathtaking garden I had ever seen—it was unlike anything I had ever seen on Earth.

When Jesus told me I had to return to Earth but I didn't want to, the angels took me on a tour of every planet.

Then God, who is the most gorgeous man I have ever seen, informed me I had to go back, and I saw my body and returned to it.

Betty claimed that five years after the incident, she told her doctor about it, and he confirmed that, technically speaking, she had "dead." "for a brief while.

John Sawyer

Jessie had a close call with death.

She claimed that the encounter was so life-changing that she now wishes to return to the alternate existence she had just experienced.

mother of two After being transported to the hospital with internal bleeding during a gynecological operation, Jessie described how she "died" at the age of just 31.

Years later, Jessie claims she has overcome her fear of dying. "I have no fear of death now; I might pass away at any time and not be upset at all."

Jessie remarked: "I wouldn't have believed it if you had told me ten years ago that I would have a near-death experience.

I don't even believe in God, so if you had told me ten years ago that I would have a near-death experience, I wouldn't have believed you, Jessie remarked.

My two children, while grieving, would grow up and have fulfilling lives, she claimed. "I was shown how my death would influence my family," she stated.

Shortly after her near-death experience ended, Jessie claimed she saw herself return to her body, "which hurt".

When she later explained what had happened to the doctors, they informed her that she had likely briefly passed away. They claimed that I spent some time straddling the edge between life and death.

Oncologist Dr. Jeffrey Long, who established the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation, stated that the women's descriptions of their deaths were consistent with what other people had told him.

Shining light and an out-of-body experience are "common themes for anybody who dies for a short period," he said. "Many report running into deceased family members and even pets.

However, all of this is implausible because brain death occurs when a person passes away.

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