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Isencane Lengane: Thando to leave Siyacela after he impregnated his side chick, See here


Tonight episode of Isencane Lengane left viewers with mixed emotions, many people were left angered with Siyacela's actions and feels that Thando should leave him because she deserves better. Women though, this guys can't even finish matric but women still see a future with him. Even Thando make a mistake to marry this punk, this guy has no backbone and does not even consider her feelings. It seems Siyacela feels that only his feelings matters and he never consider anyone else's feelings. Now we can all see what this sthembu guy is, because of disrespect for women & pure lust compared to love, nothing huge about culture but power hungry men.

Its really sad how Siyacela doesn't even value these two women in his life, he feels that he should be in a polygamy marriage so that these two ladies can work fur him while he stays at home. This young man thinks every body will spoon feed him like his dad did. Everything his saying is just nonsense, to build a stable home income must be available, if he can't take care of him self what about two wife. 

Thando is a strong woman. She must stick to her education and build her career so she'd be independent. His husband, Siyacela, is one unreliable polygamist fanatic bugger who'll just sit around and milk her income. There's life love peace and happiness kwa Thabethe and Msomi I hope Thando can go back home.

Viewers feels that Siyacela doesn't deserve the love Thando has been giving him. Thando is intelligent and wise, I hope it's enough to make you realise that you are being used and abused and am honestly hoping you get out of this toxic marriage before it's a little too late. Thando it is time for you to leave don't accept this emotional abuse you will end up in a mental house. Please pack and go you will find yourself a decent man who will love you and respect you.

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