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Mihlali Ndamase answers questions on Drink or Tell the Truth here are the juicy details she revealed

YouTuber and multi award-winning content creator Mihlali Ndamase took to Twitter to share that she got robbed, and in the process she went to attend an interview with Lasizwe on his show "Drink or Tell the Truth" where she revealed some juicy details about her past.

The influencer Driffield some information about a phone being snatched out of her hand, and later fans followed and shared their stories about similar incidents.

According to Zalebs media publication, one Twitter user by the name of Thando shared, "I had four guns pulled out at me because of a phone they can tell I wanted to run and said "bring it b*t*h" wasn't worth dying for I gave in and months after both myself and iPhone 12"

Getting to the juicy details about the interview with Lasizwe, she spoke about going back to her ex because "what's nice needs to be repeated."

On another previous show about her love life, she opened up about going back to her ex Banele on the popular YouTube game show drink or tell the truth.

Lasizwe asked her a question, "did you date the major league twins and if so between Bandile and Banele who was it?"

"I mean this is public knowledge, yes I dated one of the Major League twins, and I dated Banele Mbere. You gotta own truth!... That was my man and I stood by him. He is a very nice guy," answered Mihlali.

According to the publication the YouTuber usually choose for drinking instead of answering questions on her second appearance on the show, she answered a few personal questions into the rumours that she stole someone's man.

As for the stealing of someone's man she had an answer, "last time I checked men are human beings who are grown, who can make their own decisions. He is not the sack of potatoes, I have never stolen a man, I don't know how to steal and that's my answer."

According to my opinion whenever Mihlali Ndamase, is a guest on the show, you can expect some little bit of personal juicy details that might be revealed by the YouTuber.

Content created and supplied by: Jimfoxx07 (via Opera News )

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