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Viewers react: Should this be the Queen's last season?

The Queen is a South African telenovela, which plays on Mzansi Magic weekdays. It has been around for a while now. The story lines were quite interesting at first, however, nowadays, viewers are forever complaining about the storylines.

They complain to a point where they wish this could be the last season. They say it has become so boring, and it feels dragged. It used to be enjoyed by so many people, but it seems as though now they are getting tired. This doesn't mean the Queen will be killed off, but it could happen.

Should viewers keep away from the show, it will become a huge problem. It is not a good thing that they are forever complaining. Do you still watch the show, and do you think it deserves another season? 

Some viewers feel as though some characters are forced into the storylines, and not really necessary. Others feel as though some characters should not have been killed off.

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