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I Don't Want To Get Married: See Why DJ Zinhle Doesn't Want To Walk Down The Aisle/ Opinion


Dj Zinhle now has her own reality show that started last week .Its called The Unexpected .It shows her life and the challenges she faces everyday as a mother , popular artist and sucessful businesswoman.On tonight's episode we watched as Zinhle revealed her pregnancy to her family members.

Zinhle also mentioned something that triggered a lot of people when she said that she does not want to get married .Many people were shocked hearing her say this because it is every woman's dream to get married .Most started dreaming about their wedding since they were little girls but it seems this is not the case for Zinhle .

Zinhle is pregnant with her second child with a different father.Her current boyfriend Black motion Murda Bongz seems serious about her and ready to put a ring on it but Zinhle doesnt want to walk down the aisle.This will be difficult for her especially if thats what her partner wants .

Many independent women are now choosing to not get married, this is because most believe that marriage is overated .Most marriages end in divorce nowdays so if you can afford yourself financially,have a good job or career they dont see the need to tie themselves down by getting married .

Is Zinhle wrong for saying she doesnt want to get married .Im sure she has her own reasons why marraige is off topic for her .Hopefully she will reveal on the show why she doesnt want to walk down the aisle.

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