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Master Kg's song Jerusalema has been copyrighted and this is how he deals with it.

Master Kg record labels decided to wait for long as they watch the companies and brands use their song for promotions and advertisement as they count the coins they made from them.

Everyone should also bare in mind that it is not allowed to use someone's copyrighted song for his/her own public use if they don't have an agreement with the owner or arranged payments.

This is how people got to see how wise and thoughtful master kg is. He did not threaten the company neither did he publish his next move regarding the advertisement but rather fire out just like that.

Some fans believed that he fumbled the bag for the new coming songs and may never have to to promoted next time. Those companies are making a fortune of his hard work and the possibility to make another heat accepted internationally.

One of his fans and followers said, "Master kg is ruining things for himself. Those companies helped him push Jerusalema track. In future no one will f***k with his work, done".

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Jerusalema Master Kg


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