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Big Story: Siyacela from Isencane Lengane has bought a new car MINI Cooper

Isencane Lengane star, Siyacela Dlamuka a husband to Nothando Dlamuka known as Thando. Siyacela Dlamuka and Thando got married at a very young age, Siyacela was 17 and Thando was 16 because of their unfamiliar marriage. They got themselves a reality television show which showed their life and marriage.

When they got married, they shocked the whole nation and everyone wanted to see more of their relationship and were looking forward to every next episode after the other. Their show is called Isencane Lengane and is on Moja Love channel 157.

Siyacela was assisted by his father by the lobola negotiations and wedding costs. This shocked Mzansi on how both families agreed on such young kids getting married but Siyacela's father said he ia doing this for his son before he dies and leaves him with his own family.

Thando's family said if she really loves her boyfriend and wants to marry him they can't stand in her way if she is really unlove. They has a very beautiful traditional wedding and also a white wedding. Their show came back after years before season 2 was broadcasted,

Season 2 came back and Siyacela had left school and was a stay at home husband while Thando continued with school and she is a grade 12 learner. The couple went to Durban to visit Siyacela's maternal family and grandmother in Durban Mlazi.

Siyacela's grandmother encouraged Siyacela to go back to school and Thando to be herself besides being a wife and they had a very exciting experience but Siyacela seemed to have enjoyed and loved Durban city more because he went back to Durban while Thando went to school.

When Siyacela went back to Durban he has already bought a second hand car and because he got into his grandmother's nerves by calling her stupid, he couldn't stay with his grandmother and stayed with his girlfriend, they were having a good time with his new girlfriend,

While his wife stayed home and was busy with her studies because she couldn't get in touch with her husband for a long time. He was having a blast in Durban on Isencane Lengane episode Siyacela was cruising with his new girlfriend, when it was time to go back home at Ulundi.

When he got home it was very tense and his father was angry at him and his wife too, it also came out that Siyacela took Thando's card and used her money in Durban which costed Siyacela's father to buy Thando food because she had no money with her after her husband took her card.

Siyacela's brother said Siyacela's new girlfriend was pregnant and he was planning to marry her.

Siyacela's brother S'manga Dlamuka just posted today that on his Facebook handle that Siyacela just bought a new car which is a Mini Cooper and happily congratulated him.

Siyacela Dlamuka bought his second car after the Toyota Corolla he has, but this time he bought a MINI Copper.

Content created and supplied by: SenamileMhlongo (via Opera News )

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