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"What about the victim's family?" One TT sickened as SAns defend General Manizo for alleged murder

"What about the victim's family?" One TT sickened as SAns defend General Manizo for alleged murder

While you're here please follow me.

Thabo Silver Makgola, famously known as General Manizo left so many of his fans shamed and disappointed. The stubborn fans are still defending his actions though.

The famous Bolobedu musician was a reformed prison gang member who wanted to use his experiences to teach young people to steer clear of crime and dangerous lifestyle. His testament held more water because he was in prison before.

To the news that the musician remains in police custody, after appearing at Bolobedu Magistrate Court yesterday, most South Africans are sympathising with Manizo and have declared their pain at the fact that he won't be producing music.

I find it disgusting and questionable that the person who allegedly committed a crime is being treated like a victim. Why is so much attention paid to him and his career, as if he thought about that when he allegedly shot his 23-year-old girlfriend, Kgaogelo Maake, at a tavern at Morutji village in March?

This is someone's daughter and friend, why is her death being treated so casually because the perpetrator is a famous musician? A musician who is no stranger to a life of crime? I think it's quite telling about the state of our country. We are so obsessed with public figures that we turn a blind eye when they do a crime we would have easily called out if it was someone who's not famous.

To a post written on Tiktok painting Manizo as a victim (I even thought he died, with how it was worded), one lady snapped and asked why people are fussing about him when there's a family who is destroyed by the death of their child.

Thoughts? Do you think we desensitize murder and abuse when the perpetrator is someone well known?

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May 20, 2022.

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