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Areece's girlfriend called a "b" after she did this.

Areece's girlfriend called a "b" after she did this.

Lehlogonolo Ronaldo Mataboge better known as "Areece" was born on the 27th of March, 1997 at Atterridgeville (Pretoria, Gauteng), South Africa. He rose to fame in 2015 and has been the favorite of many ever since. Not only is he a rapper, but a songwriter and record producer. He is also one of the few independent artists in South Africa, well, at least, the known ones.

Areece's aspect of life that has since been public is his romantic relationship with Rickelle Jones. Jones is a fashion model whose birthday is on the 10th of April. The two have been together since 2018.

Apparently, their relationship has been more than romantic or personal. The two are basically in business together as Rickelle Jones is Lehlogonolo's manager in his musical career. This caused an outrage on social media, as she is accused of using Areece's career as a stepping stone to her own personal fame.

She was called with the "b" word and accused of being "behind the madness" in Areece's life by an angry fan. She is being called a gold digger as Areece gave her his first "million views" in accordance to a fan.

Once again, South African people being literal dictators in somebody's life and pointing out their wrongs, rights and mistakes. Worst of all, people will comment on issues that they have never been personally affected by or experienced. Neither Rickelle nor Lehlogonolo has commented on all of these rude words and negative comments regarding their relationship.

In fact, Areece last posted something on twitter four days ago which was a three lined message that seemingly is a rapping verse.

On the other side, his girlfriend, Rickelle Jones seems to not be on twitter as she is not traceable on the Twitter platform, but is present on Instagram.


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