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My Husband Wanted To Kill Me With Acid Because Of Jealous- Lady Painfully Narrates


In a sadly recounted story, a woman by the name of Clemente describes how she was nearly killed by her husband, who was envious of her after discovering that he was unable to become pregnant with her.

According to her, she married him when she was quite young, and when the time came and they planned to have a kid, she was unable to conceive a child for him.

After her husband got increasingly irritable, Clemente decided to take him to the hospital for a check-up, and she invited him to accompany her to the appointment.

She and her husband were devastated when they learned that her husband was unable to become pregnant. He was convinced that his wife would leave him in order for another guy to become pregnant. After the results were announced, the doctor conveyed the news to them, and they were devastated.

Clemente reports that on this tragic day, her husband returned home with a bottle containing liquid, and before she could say anything, he spilled the acid on her and fled the scene.

It took over a year for her to be released from the hospital, and the scars she received continue to bother her.

In order to get the money she needs to travel for advanced therapy, Clemente is appealing to her friends and family for assistance. She is in excruciating agony, and she needs aid.

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