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Husband and wife relationship

The biggest problem in the Mseleku household of Uthando Nesthembu

The man with 4 beautiful wives being Macele Mayeni Makhumalo and MaNgwabe. The Mseleku's grace our screens every Thursday evening. People love who they relate to. As much as this show is about family and being in a polygamous marriage but people have their own favorites. It's still not clear who has a huge following but Mzansi loves this family. Musa Mseleku's being the head and his wife the pillars.

However there seems to be a big problem in this family. There are too much quarells and no unity at all amongst the wives. The first wife and second wife don't really have a problem with each other but they don't like each other much, there's always tension whenever they're in a room. However first wife seems to get along very well with the other wives especially the last wife. The admirable thing about the last wife is that she knows her place and very content in it.

Although the third wife is cool and a very loving person however sometimes it feels she doesn't know her place. The second wife and third wife don't get along literally and they can't pretend it's very much visible. Sadly their relationship will also rub on their children. On the recent episode Musa told his first wife that he has a Khumalo girlfriend. Surprisingly his wife had no problem discussing the matter with her husband. Musa was so comfortable with telling MaCele about the other woman who isn't part of their family yet.

MaCele seems to be Musa's pushover, she allows whatever he says. Probably that's the very reason she was selected as the first wife. Nonetheless each week we realise the wives aren't the problem but their husband is. Mseleku wants what he wants and doesn't really care who gets hurt in the process. Already the wives don't get along, it might distinctively hurt MaKhumalo if her husband was to replace her with another woman because that's how it seems.

There's this issue of Sne the whole family seems to ignore. There's never been an interactions between the wives and Sne except for mamkhulu. Mseleku needs to fix what he has now before adding the problem he already has enough.



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