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At 37-years-old, a celebrity has stated that he’s finally in love with his life


Some people can love and accept their lives and who they’re a bit earlier than others. Unfortunately, certain individuals are in constant fights with their realities. Meanwhile, other people believe in faking it until you make it. Whatever works for you, shouldn’t be anyone else’s problem. Sticking into your guns, learning to become a better person, and keeping things moving in your life should take priority. The sad part is that most people in this world have endured social media pressure, family expectations, and community judgments. All those things will eat away your life and happiness and you won’t get to accept who you are as a human being. Don’t do the mistake of falling into “What People Will Say Syndrome”.

Now, it has been reported that an American rapper and producer Kid Cudi is finally reached a point in his life whereby he’s constantly happy. Even though this has taken him 37-years to achieve, at least he’s content with his thoughts and decisions. As well as his life in general after he faced adversity during his time in the limelight. What’s incredible is that Cudi has been honest about his trials and tribulations to the public. The Man on the Moon rapper has struggled with mental health issues, which is one of the silent killers nowadays. This occurred when he had a feud with Drake as he had to deal with all the unnecessary backlash for expressing himself in a way that he felt was right. 

It has been a nightmare seeking happiness, which is something that he needed in his life. What has made him stand out is that he has been able to do whatever he wants without worrying about the outside noise. The Cleveland rapper has an ever-evolving fashion sense, music, and personality that has put him back in the limelight. However, this time around he has full control of everything within his life. Even though he was dragged in the past for what he chose to wear, especially skirts, now Cudi took to Twitter to stated that he’s happy with his life. “Its taken me 37 years to say it but… I love my life,” said the rapper on his Twitter account. 

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Date: 23/09/2021

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