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“Never Trust Your House help” – See Photos of 71yrs Old Nanny maltreating a Baby

Wickedness is rising in our society on a daily basis. What a world we live in now, where even small children are no longer healthy. Individuals in the country are now abusing children in various ways. The girl child, like the boy child, is no longer healthy.

To be honest with you, I've always been opposed to women employing housekeepers and nannies for no reason. I simply believe that no housekeeper will ever have the same level of treatment for a child as the mum. When the child's parent is not present, I believe that house helpers can do something harmful to the child. I'd suspected it, but a video that went viral on social media today verified my suspicions. I used to believe that house help were the only ones who were abused by their bosses, but nowadays it is the employer's children who are abused by the house help.

Please note, whether you want your child to suffer at the hands of another mother, there is nothing like a big woman. I used to believe that elderly women were very respectable and well-behaved, but that is no longer the case.

The following is a screenshot from an Instagram video about a woman who was arrested after being caught on camera abusing a child:

The fact that the lady is still old enough to be a grandma fascinated me the most about this novel. If a lady of 71 years old can do it, imagine what a teenage girl who has never seen anything in her life can do. There's a saying that even if a young girl scales the tallest peak, she won't be able to see what an old man does lying down.

Take a look at a screenshot of the video that is now trending on the internet:

You must observe the baby's mistreatment. I believe this lady should not be let off lightly; how could a woman of that age do such a thing to a child? This, I believe, is a message for all parents around the world who believe their children are too large to function. Your child may be suffering at the hands of your housekeeper but is afraid to warn someone, even you. Many children suffer at the hands of their nanny but are unable to express their dissatisfaction.

Parents are in charge of their children. I would warn you both to avoid seeing both the husband and the wife working at the same time. Confidence no one except your family and yourself, even your housekeeper. No one else can be trusted but these two humans.

Please, what are your thoughts on this matter? As for me, I believe this lady could spend the rest of her time in jail because she is now old, and if she can't be decent now, I doubt she will ever be. Use the comment box to let us know about all of your ideas and concerns. We pledge to respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible.


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