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Isencane Lengane | Mzansi reacts after Thando finds out about the woman Siyacela was dealing with

UThando finally came face to face with the woman her husband was dealing with this entire time. To say she was disgusted by what her husband did to her, would be an understatement.


The show is about two young school children who fall madly in love and decide to get married at a young age. It showcases their life and daily struggles they encounter as a young married couple. In one particular episode, Siyacela decides to venture of to Durban with his brother to go visit his older brother who resides there. What was shocking to many viewers was that cameras exposed Siyacela’s infidelity after it was revealed that his main aim for going to Durban was to meet up with Zinhle, his side chick. Whenever uThando (Wife) tried to get ahold of him, he was seemingly busy or his phone was off and couldn't take any calls. The episode shows how Thando is deeply concerned about his husband but for Siyacela to disregard her feelings.

In tonights episode, uThando finally saw the girl that Siyacela was busy with behind her back. We see in the episode Siyacela's father is deeply disappointed in his son actions and you can finally see the family have Thando’s back in this matter. Many viewers believe that the only thing holding Thando back is her school work, but some may argue that because uSiyacela is Thando’s first love, it's difficult to get over that.

Siyacela has been pondering the thought of taking a 2nd wife for a while now after seeing his father have 5 wives that he doesn't take care of that well. He once mentioned the idea to uThando and the thought of it infuriated her to the point that she told him, that if he had ever decide to take a 2nd wife she would leave. It was so disheartening for many viewers to see Siyacela treat Thando so badly after she left “her life” behind to start a new one with him. Social media’s outrage was the fact that they could see and tell that Siyacela doesn't value Thando and would rather focus on starting polygamy than finishing his Matric.

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