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Sengkhathele: Viewers furious at a man who cheated on his pregnant girlfriend

Sengkhathele is one of the strangest shows on Mzansi Magic. There is nothing redeemable about it and so far it been giving problematic men a platform to dump women. These men always try to frame themselves as victims until the other side of the story revealed.

This week another such man took centre stage.

Bongani claimed he cheated and in retaliation his girlfriend had an abortion while six months pregnant. He explained that they broke up and got back together and now Wendy was drinking too much and had let herself go. Lo and behold, none of that was the case at all.

All he managed to prove was that he took advantage of a girl much younger than him. Impregnated someone else which led to a miscarriage. Nothing in the story reflected what he alleged. Wendy looked stunning and not at all like she drinks.

Viewers were rightfully furious at Bongani. His attitude, his treatment of Wendy and even his appearance was up for grabs. They did not approve of his method and words. I agreed wholeheartedly, there was no need to humiliate a woman he hurt that much on national television.

Social media Response

One viewer wrote, "Bongani needs serious mental help cause wow.... Vele he is hell-bent on making this lady's life a living hell nehh. Wagafa die (he's crazy this) boy. I wish nothing but the best to this lady, light and strength to her. #SengKhathele"

Another user wrote, "Zero accountability from this man #SengKhathele"

A final user wrote, "Wendy deserves better than this, good radiance to bad rubbish, she must let him go #SengKhathele"

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Source: Sengkhathele on Mzansi Magic DSTV channel 161

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