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SK Khoza Allegedly Assaulted Ayanda Hlongwane

Following quite a while of hypothesis, it appears to be like the connection between The Queen entertainer SK Khoza and dental professional Ayanda Hlongwane has arrived at its end - that is in the event that she decides to leave the entertainer, who is blamed for beating her. The justification for why the 'couple' unfollowed each other has now become clear and it has to do with gender-based savagery. 

SK Khoza moved as Mzansi endeavors to drop him indeed. It is claimed that SK Khoza truly attacked his ex-life partner Ayanda Hlongwane. The news broke after Sunday World detailed that he had been captured after Ayanda laid charges against him. 

The entertainer supposedly got captured and shown up at the Randburg justice court on October 13, where he got bail of R2 000. He is supposedly accused of attack with the 'goal to cause terrible substantial damage.' Ayanda purportedly supported wounds subsequent to being 'beat, kicked and delayed the floor.' 

Via online media, individuals are theorizing that they had a battle after Ayanda blamed SK for impregnating another lady. Two or three were arranging their wedding when this occurred. 

Ayanda has not uttered a word on her online media, yet an adherent said sorry to her for all that she has gone through. She reacted by saying "Much obliged." 

Tweeps have been expressing their opinion about this occurrence, with individuals needing to drop him and the others wishing to hear his side of the story. Here's the manner by which individuals responded to this: 

@Facelessmee1: "We should trust that the court day will hear his side of the story… Goodman has died on the grounds that a lady was accepted without a man side of the story ..she might have begun the brutality." 

@ledile0326: "Mara the warnings were consistently there. This woman consented to the commitment after the video of SK was playing around with different women. She realized she was wedding isF**e se ndoda nje." 

@SueNyathi: "For what reason is this person actually getting screen time?? This isn't he initially run in with the law." 

@Batshidise: "Nothing shocks me about Shaka Khoza hello." 

@GodPenuel: "If valid, we should stop truly and genuinely manhandling those we guarantee to cherish. This applies to the two men and ladies. In case you're troubled, discover ways of destressing without obliterating property or harming the individual. Bombing which, seek treatment so you can figure out how to leave." 

A couple of months back, SK Khoza conceded to genuinely mishandling Ayanda Hlongwane. In an extensive Instagram post which he has now erased, Shaka Khoza confessed to his "botch" of genuinely mishandling her. 

"Keeping things that break your soul and hurt you inside isn't generally something worth being thankful for. I have come to understand that I have done as such and I wound up not understanding that I was taking it out on my life partner @Ayearndar at whatever point I do discuss what is influencing me I would not address it in a quiet way, and thus, I didn't see that I was harming her and as it were, I was by and large genuinely oppressive towards her. 

"She has caused me to comprehend that since I don't truly mishandle her, I was doing as such with my words and I need to stand up and say I am sorry I didn't resolve my concerns and permitted them to overwhelm me. Psychological mistreatment is truly bad, particularly in light of the fact that it breaks the other individual truly. I'm presently chipping away at myself and I am focused on opening up, imparting more, and discussing the things that influence me. I'm dealing with being a superior individual and accomplice," composed SK. 

The two have since erased photos of one another via online media and have unfollowed each other as well.



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