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Uyajola 9/9: No goodbye from JubJub after thrown In Pool, And Amaroto hit with Bottle

Things are getting personal and emotions are flying high on South Africa 's favourite reality show, Uyajola 9/9. The show has won the hearts of many viewers, who wait every Sunday evening to watch JubJub and Amaroto chasing cheaters and interrogating them. 

Veiwers are used to JubJub saying goodbye with his lingo' ama sweet amaningi', at the end of every episode. But last Sunday there was no goodbye from the presenter. On the first episode, JubJub was thrown into the swimming pool, after confronting the suspected cheater having a braai. When trying to interview the cheating boyfriend, he was given no chance. 

While trying to corner the suspect who was held by Amaroto, the suspect got a chance to land his hands on JubJub. Within seconds JubJub was thrown into the pool. Somehow JubJub forgot it was a show, things nearly got out of hands, he almost lost it. At the end of the episode, JubJub never said goodbye to the fans like we are used to. 

On the second episode it was worse, the suspect was in a private party, where only invited guests where allowed. But JubJub and Amaroto found their way into the party, and things got ugly. Bottles and fists where flying in the air. One of JubJub ' Amaroto was seen bleeding from the face with a cut. The cut came from bottles thrown. 

Again in the second episode, there was no goodbye to fans. There was a clear frustration from JubJub, fans are still confused if the show will continue, after such violence scenes. 

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