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MacG dragged after ari lennox interview

The year has just began about and one of the most controversial podcaster Macgyver ‘MacG’ Mukwevho is already trending for all the wrong reasons, again.

In the latest episode of his podcast, “Podcast and Chill”, MacG had a virtual interview with Ari Lennox where they spoke about her musical career and her personal life.

However, in the first few minutes of the interview, things seemed to get awkward after the host started asking the international singer some personal questions.

MacG asked Ari what inspired one of her earlier singles, “Pop”. In the single, Ari speaks about having her vagina “popped”, which is a reference to sex.

“It was such a silly song but it was so on time, like if I pop it for you, are you going to play with me or are we going to get married,” she said.

MacG then responded saying: “And where are we at right now, is someone f*cking you good right now?”

A visibly shocked Ari leaned into the camera and shouted, “Oh my God…whoa there!”.

“That's a wild question, why ask it that way, whoa,” she said.

In an attempt to justify why he asked persona question the way he way he did, the podcaster said it’s because that was how she said it in the song.

While Ari agrees that she sings about it in the song, she admits that MacG caught her off-guard.

Although macgee tried to justify the reasons for asking the innapropriate question, south african twitter has went off on the controversioal podcaster

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