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Alfios Regains His Memory Back. Here Is What He Will Do To Alfred Magongwa And Celia In #SkeemSaam.

Alfios Regains His Memory Back. Here Is What He Will Do To Alfred Magongwa In #SkeemSaam 

The beast in Alfios comes out, shocking the Magongwa couple. He nailed it by pretending, it looks so real. He was remembering e everything from the start, he was just playing with their minds. Alfios had nailed it by pretending, it looks so real and many believed him. For a second I also thought he was lying until I see that his not lying but he lost memory.

After last episode Alfios caught Magongwa and Celia Kunutu speaking about the money which is due to them. Alfios started to remember a out what happened in that cliff. Things are about to get worse for Magongwa and his wife

Alfio wasn't supposed to say anything to them. He should've turned back and come back with the police. Now he's giving those two to manipulate and lie to him. Alfios didn't have to tell them but rather go straight to Babeile and tell him that now he has gained his memory back. He should have tell him how magongwa pushed you.

Alfios should make those two lovebirds pay for the hell what they did to him. They must surrender that business to him, whole of it or if they dont, send them to jail. We want see him rich, i wana see yo dream of falling in luv with Glenda fulfilled. Magongwa will go crazy when he finally confront him that he has gain his memory. After everything he has done he deserve to be spoiled.

Thank you for reading this article. What is your take in this issued please tell us your thoughts and what do you think will happen to Magongwa and his wife since they both committed a crime of corruption at the tender which they were awarded better.

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