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Mnakwethu: after she was humiliated on TV this is what she decided to do this will sh0ck you

One thing about women is that when they love they love for real and no one can tell you what to do when you love someone. Love can be painful sometimes, yes they say love doesn't have to feel like that because love is caring, patient, and warm but it's unfortunate that some women would rather stay with someone even if they don't meet any of those things.

And when it comes to this kind of situation women get judged not knowing that when a woman get into a relationship or marriage they don't just go there for fun, but they invest a lot.

People in South Africa we're left heartbroken after watching the episode of Mnakwethu on the 14 September 2021, where a woman was disrespected on national TV by her sister wife calling her all the names, telling her that she feeds her because she's not working she downgraded her to the point that people even called her evil because of how she treated the sister-wife, having a sister wife it means you have to share your husband with someone else, and it is also said that the second wife must respect the first wife at all times But in this situation, it was different as this woman was disrespectful only because she thinks she has the power over the first wife because she's not working and she's working.

It even got to the point where people had to step in and try by all means to help the first wife where they can, just to make sure she regains her pride again, leaving that toxic marriage and starting a new life with someone else.

But one thing about women is that when they are not yet ready to leave their marriage they will never leave, no matter how hard people try to make them, we have women who are still in toxic relationships and not because they are stupid but it's called love.

After people of South Africa tried so hard to make the woman know her worth, standing behind her it's alleged that she decided to stay in her marriage. Though people started judging her, it's not that easy for one to leave someone they love more especially because of someone else she is not ready but she will leave when she is ready.

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