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The Story Of A Saudi Prince That Has Been Sleeping For 15 Years, See What Happened To Him In 2005

When he was healthy, Prince Al-Waleed bin Kahled bin Talal was an entrepreneur and investor. He is also referred to as the Saud Prince. Prince Khaled was involved in a terrible car accident in London in 2005. When this unfortunate incident occurred, he was a student at a military college in London.

The Prince suffered a brain hemorrhage as a result of the accident, as well as severe lung bleeding. The doctors who were assigned to him were unable to control the bleeding, which resulted in his life-long coma.

A coma is defined as a prolonged state of unconsciousness that is usually caused by illness or an accident. When someone is in a coma, he or she is not aware of what is going on around him or her.

They will not shake or move in response to any sound, and even if you shake and hit them, it will have no effect on them. The patient is still alive in a coma, but his or her brain is not functioning normally.

Following his accident, the prince was admitted to a specialized hospital in Saudi Arabia, where he remained for 15 years under professional medical care. He was later relocated back to his home in 2016 to be closer to his family.

Prince Khaled was in a coma for up to 15 years, and at one point, doctors wanted to disconnect the tubes and let him die, but his father refused because he believed his son would recover soon. Throughout his coma years, he was visited by a number of doctors. Even while in a coma, the Prince's body changed, his beard grew, and he matured.

The Prince is being closely monitored in order to capture any movement or reaction from him that may indicate improvement. After being in a coma for years, one of the security cameras caught him moving his head in 2019.

His family rejoices whenever the Prince makes a sudden movement, and they pray and hope for him to wake up every day. The Prince is said to be still in a coma to this day; a recent video of the Prince was shared on Twitter on September 26, 2021 to demonstrate that he is still alive.

This indicates that there is still hope for the Prince, despite the fact that he has yet to fully awaken from his coma. Many people are relieved that the Prince's health is improving, and they all hope for his recovery.

Source: Wikipedia

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