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Husband and wife relationship

Mnakwethu: Who invited Diaz? Mamchunu did she just play her husband and sister wife?

MaMchunu is the first wife of Qondanisa, she made headlines when she asked Samantha what was she feeling in her marriage with Qondanisa. However over the past 2 years MaMchunu proves to be more calm and has a relationship with Samantha. At the beginning of this season Samantha revealed she was pregnant but she wasnt sure who the baby's father was. Samantha has a close relationship with Diaz while she's also involved with Qondanisa.

This week Mamchunu threw a baby shower for her sister wife. Samantha wasn't aware of the event however how MaMchunu was behaving was a bit off. MaMchunu was overly hyper active probably it was the beverages.

Whilst the baby shower was going on Diaz came in, this didn't seat well with Qondanisa that he challenged him to a fight outside. This was Qondanisa acting real brave or stupid, Diaz is twice his height and twice the size of his body.

However viewers were left with the question " who invited Diaz to the party?. MaMchunu on her diary insert said she was playing her game very nicely. So this made people assume that probably she was the one who had invited Diaz to the party. MaMchunu seemed to be serving fake love to her sister wife Samantha.

But then maybe Diaz was the one that drove Samantha to MaMchunu's house. Perhaps he attended the party because he heard them sing. Either way it was very disrespectful of him to attend a baby shower of another man child unless he has reason to believe otherwise.

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