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"Jub-Jub sexually assaulted me" Amanda Du Pont Cries Out

Abuse is primarily a result of power imbalances. One person wants to show another person that they have greater power and control over them, and this is what leads to the cycle of violence and abuse, especially in relationships between men and women

Abuse has existed in the globe, as well as in our communities and households, for many years. When it comes to romantic relationship abuse, it's usually a male who puts his hands on a woman he claims to love. This can result in serious situations of violence, with the guy killing the woman. This has been a recurring theme in South African culture.

Because of the daily occurrences of women and children being abused and violated while they are unaware that abuse can take many forms, ranging from physical to sexual, and that sexual abuse can happen even in relationships.

It doesn't just happen in working-class neighborhoods. Many female celebrities in South Africa have spoken out about enduring physical violence in their relationships, as have some of the world's largest celebrities and religious figures.

Today, Amanda Dupont is one of the celebrities who has finally spoken out about her relationship with Jub-Jub, a rapper. Before going to prison for killing schoolchildren while under the influence of drugs, Jub-Jub was in a relationship with Kelly Khumalo, a well-known South African singer, and it has been revealed that during their relationship, Jub-Jub physically abused and sexually attacked her.

This is, of course, after he went on a podcast and discussed his relationship with Amanda, and then dragged her to the phone, where she finally chose to speak up and expose everything that had happened in the relationship. Amanda shared her side of the story on social media, allowing everyone to see what sort of person he is and how he treated her during their relationship.

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